About Us

Honest Blog is a student magazine for you, written by you. The first Honest Blog was created three years ago whilst I was studying Graphic Design at Kingston College. I’d always wanted to create my own magazine and thought my final project was the perfect chance to.

I made the first issue on ‘getting yourself out there’ as I wanted to try and help other creative students get their names out there a bit. I featured some of my favourite creatives at the time and included a lot of advice on how to ‘survive’ Uni from other past or current students at the time. It helped me too, as I was just about to leave for Uni myself!

Now it’s my last year of Uni, I’ve been there and I can now give my advice! It’s taken me a while to get to where I am now and finally bring out another issue. Life got in the way a little bit, the full story is in the editor’s letter, and I am now finally bringing out the new issue!

This time round the magazine is about mental health whilst studying, it’s a subject that has been quite a big part of my life these past few years and it’s extremely common in creative students.

We should talk about it a bit more and realise we aren’t alone in how we feel, I hope that this magazine helps raise awareness and that most of the people I have featured within the magazine have at one point in their lives suffered with mental health issues. I wanted to showcase them to prove that you can do amazing things even if you though you may feel that you can’t

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine a browsing the online content I have sourced for you!